Surviving a Trade Show

Once a booth has been loaded onto the truck that will carry it to the trade show, the real work begins. The company’s marketers and sales staff are generally loaded onto a plane and taken to the city where the show is being held. From the moment the truck unloads their booth at the hall, their world is non-stop work. They must get their booth set up and ready for the hall to open. For larger shows and big booths, this process can take up to a week.

When the show opens, the booth must be ready. Everything must be in place for easy access while speaking to a potential customer. Show halls are generally open for at least 12 hours per day during each particular show. Company representatives must be available at all times while the hall is open. They get little time off and are exhausted by the end of each day. Any issues that arise must be solved immediately and cannot interfere with their showing. It takes an energetic, enthusiastic and strong-willed person to be a company representative manning a booth.

Occasionally, issues arise and the person in charge of a company’s booth needs outside help. Show halls have people trained to assist with making sure every vendor with a booth has the most successful show possible. Exhibition staff members are courteous and helpful. They can find anything from a local flower shop to provide greenery to dress up a booth to comfortable chairs for visitors to sit in during demonstrations. They know local printers who can do rush orders for literature that has been misplaced.

Shows are an exciting world for marketers and sales representatives. It is fast-paced and the pressure to find leads and make sales is intense. The staff at a show hall including promotional girls understands the intense focus of their guests and works hard to accommodate their needs. They also work these shows from set up to tear down. Every day they are on the job, working to smooth the path of businesses both large and small. Without their assistance, many representatives might not feel they could have truly survived the show.